Official website East Fork Road Follows Camp Williams flooding San Gabriel River.
San Gabriel River of the Angeles National Forest (CA)
Follows Camp, Marconi Mining, flood flooding San Gabriel River.
January / February 2005 Flooding — Much Bad Fortune

Campgrounds are wiped out to their rocky bones!

Devastation wreaks havoc and horror on the East Fork,
cutting off utilities and road access for weeks.
Follows Camp.
Residents checked in... but they can't check out.
And horrible things happened!
Follows Camp, Angeles National Forest, San Gabriel River gold San Gabriel Mountains Heaton Flats
After two previous storms saturated the local mountains,
a third massive storm hit a deadly third strike on January
9th, 2005, causing the worse flooding in recent history...
and more storms kept rolling through (climate is changing).

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Initial flooding:  Set No. 1 (11)    Set No. 2 (9)
State Highway 39 Hiway 39 Joe Davison floods flooding BBQ cookoff barbecue cookoff
January 17, 2005 (14)       January 21, 2005 (10)
Motorcoaches motorcoach recreation tourism recreation vehicles campsites gold panning.
January 23, 2005 (6)       January 30, 2005 (6)
motorhomes trailers travel tenting vacations america usa travelers traveling.
Highway 39 above Coldbrook  —  Undated (6)
Follows Camp East Fork East Fork River Angeles National Forest San Gabriel River
Highway 39 above Coldbrook January 30th (4)
Follows Camp East Fork East Fork River Angeles National Forest San Gabriel River
February 5, 2005 (2)       Feb. 11-12, 2005 (6)
go camping america reenactment El Dorado Camp Williams Curve Fire Williams Fire.
February 19, 2005 (5)
        March 5, 2005 (6)

—   The East Fork Neighborhood   —

Follows Camp     Camp Williams

River Community

Gold panning gold mining camping campsites Azusa The Fort Marconi Mining.

Weather:   Forecast   Precipitation totals

The Follows Camp area of the canyon lies upon a major
earthquake fault; coupled with periodic forest fires, steep neighboring
slopes and landslide potential, the area is a fascinating geologic site.

2008 Update:
The property has been reportedly sold to speculating investors who later
discovered that the property was impractical to build upon.  Were
they not given full disclosure by the seller and broker?  Will law-
suits later fly?  Meanwhile, the camp is boarded-up and closed. 

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East Fork Road Follows Camp camping Camp Williams flooding National Forest San Gabriel River.
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